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Dear Little Dude | A love letter from a foster father to his son
Lizz + Daniel Wedding Highlights
God Plays A Long Game: Kate and Brigid's Story
You're Someone Special
Are You Ok? | A Short Film About Grief
On Set with Jonathan Roumie of The Chosen
Stephen & Teresa Wedding Highlights
The Henkel's Story
Southold Dance Theater's The Nutcracker Highlights
Tomorrow - Faustinian
St. Clement Annual Fund 2023
Anders' Dino World: A Grotto Short Film
Oh Child - Jess Allen
Cataldo Wedding Highlights
Building Furniture & Community for the Neighborhood - Mini Doc #221
Katie + Gil Wedding Highlights
Justen and Clare Wedding Highlights
Where Color Comes From
Mikel and Elise Wedding Highlights
Foundry Field Campaign Video
Rosary and Alex Wedding Highlights
Lily and Brady Wedding Highlights
Alexandra & Joseph Wedding Highlights
Jazz Like Home - Mini Doc #243
Shadows of the Dark - Music Video
50 Years and a Second Chance - Mini Doc #248
"Save Me" - Burn To Drive
Maryjacqueline and Jacob Wedding Highlights
This Blind Music Teacher Has Perfect Pitch - Mini Doc #94
Using Music to Bring Love to People in Nursing Homes - Mini Doc #80
Cancer Patient Embraces Suffering through Songwriting - Mini Doc #40
CBD Book Trailer Teaser
Tattoo Artists Cover Up Racist Tattoos - Mini Doc #22
Little Flower Website Header Video
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